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I experienced the golden age of the MMO. I would estimate the time period from around 1999-2012. Give or take a year. The years filled with amazing adventure, awesome friends, new gameplay directions, and a magical community. Who would have thought time would go by so fast? With memories still being made but old ones quickly fading off into oblivion I decided to start this blog. The purpose is to preserve memories from that amazing time period.

Although there have been countless MMOs over the years this site is completely focused on Everquest.

Most of the memories posted here are my own but anyone is free to share. Just post yours below or email it to me. I will gladly add it to the main site.

I run an adjunct Everquest YouTube channel that better helps convey memories and ideas. There are plenty of memories and some modern era quest guides along with various other shenanigans. Feel free to visit.


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Updated March 28,2019

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  1. Thanks for this blog, and your YouTube channel. I started playing Everquest, sometime in 2000. I was amazed like mentioned it's was like a lot of my favorite games all in one package. I was a volunteer firefighter at the time, and thought a Cleric would fit my personality. ("Here I come to save the day")
    Ceebla was a human Cleric started in Qeyenos.
    It was great times. One day a woodedelf(Woodlife)
    came along he was around level 40 me still in newbie area. For no reason I can think of we were off. Me being powerleveled. Killing things I never imagined existed. I lost interest in being a Cleric. And made a Necro (Houseofsin) played for a few months then real life got in the way. The last expansion I remember playing was LdoN. I gave all my belongings to my guild leader and quit. Deleted both Ceebla, and House, (mistake)
    Now about 6 weeks ago. I buy a new laptop. And
    Intend on playing Skyrim. I'm on Steam and see my old drug of choice is free to play. I did not get Skyrim. My how things have changed. I found my old account. No characters. But with the veteran reward. I made Ynobe. Heroic. Thanks again for your guides,and blog it made the transition easier. I'll post some memories as I have time. Real life still gets in the way.

  2. Thank you for the fantastic comment and I look forward to reading your memories. RL>all