Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Earliest adventures in Norrath.

This month's official EQ twitter account asks where people had their earliest adventures in Norrath.Below are some replies to that question.-April 2018

  • "Vanilla EQ. Starting off in Qeynos being completely lost for days, and enjoying every second of it. Eventually stumbling my way into Qeynos Hills and just marveling at how big the world was as beetles, snakes, rats, and misunderstanding guards killed me repeatedly."
  • "Man I remember these times.... Looking at this map brings back so many memories. Being on Tallon Zek when x-teaming was a big no-no... good times"
  •  "My earliest memories are of Freeport, a couple weeks ago on Coirnav x)"
  •  "I was born in Felwithe and grew up around Kelethin... I cant forget my first ocean trip to Freeport. It was quite an adventure."
  •  "I started with the ROK expansion. First char was a ranger killing his way through the blackburrow gnoll caves."
  •  "Earliest adventure in 2001 was a dark elf wizard on tunare who fell into water in neriak and drowned. Frustratingly punched my way to level 8-10 before someone on the server helped me out. Good old days with a solid community. I miss it"
  •  "Bought the Kunark box in the Velious era, spring 2001. Started with an Erudite wizard on Odus. Hated life until someone told me how to turn up the gamma correction!"
  •  "Running around as a Barbarian Warrior in Everfrost Peaks, not straying too far from Halas."
  •  "Left UO to head to EQ in March of 99, if I recall. Necro on Fennin, WITH pre nerf COS. Terrorized the server for 4 years or so with that thing."
  •  "The journey from Freeport to the aviaks in South Karana. Scary run for a lvl 20 dwarf warrior in 1999!"
  •  "Started early 99. Played a few months then started what would turn out to be our mains on the test server where we stayed until the infamous wipe. Our characters were returned naked and allowed to transfer to a regular server and the rest is the best gaming experience of my life."
  •  "Butcherblock as a Dwarven Cleric. I’ve handed out lots of Brell’s Blessed Stout over the years to folks who were OOB (Out Of Beer)."
  •  "2001, Ayonae Ro- running around and getting lost in Qeynos until a higher level paladin named Solgar helped me out. Good times. Wish I knew what happened to that guy."
  •  "I still have the iriginal game map"
  •  "Surefall Glade , Qeynos , Qeynos Hills , West Karana , Butcherblock , Crushbone , High Hold Pass , Dawn Shroud Peaks. That was kind of the orginal path I took. I did not find EQ until about a month after Ldon launched and Ive been here every since."
  •  "I'm a Freeport Baby. Grew up in the East/West Commonlands :)"
  •  "Started in Kunark!"
  •  "Nektulos Forest...before SOE ruined it."
  •  "Wood elf in Kelethin 2000"
  •  "Falling asleep in EC tunnel and dying, then waking up to my level 2 merchant corpse rotted"
  •  "Some of my first memories, like most i'm sure, were in crushbone.. I met my friend's rogue there, who shapeshifted from wood to dark elf right in front of me.. it was at that moment i was hooked for life haha"
  •  "Death to Gnolls !!!!!!"
  • " Started off in March of 99. Settled on a half elf druid. My first memories of the game were leveling up in Qeynos hills until 5 then make the trip from Qeynos to Rivervale to meet up and group with my cousin. The halfings took me in immediately!"