Sunday, April 23, 2017

Everquest memories- My adventures with a Kunark forgotten quest. February 2017.

It started with a patch note.

February 15, 2017

*** Highlights ***

- Rumors abound that brave adventurers are needed in Kunark! Long-forgotten heroes in Cabilis, Overthere, and Firiona Vie are offering long-forgotten quests.

I was ready. Kunark was an expansion I had missed. Having started during the Luclin era in 2001 I still felt like a new player even 16 years later. I was ready to be one of the first on my server to finish a forgotten quest and finally spiritually shake that nagging feeling. A title was granted on completion of the quest so I could visually remember my accomplishment! Amazing. As soon as the server went up I was ready to start.

The first problem was the lack of information given by the development team. Just saying that forgotten quests were out there with no additional information is tough. The only clue I had to work with was the three zones listed. There was Cabilis, Overthere, and FV. I decided to try my hand at the FV quest.

The Feb 15 post

I decided to attempt this quest on my druid and not my original character. The reason was simply an ability called tracking. If I was to compete against others to finish this quest and get a server first title I needed every advantage I could get. I logged in my druid and was ready to tackle the quest. Off I went to FV. I found the quest giver after a lengthy search.


After finding the npc I needed and going through the dialog I was ready to go out and finish the quest. This particular quest was called Adalora's Items. It had me going to multiple locations around Kunark such as Trakanon's Teeth, Emerald Jungle, Howling Stones, and Skyfire Mountains. It was slow going but eventually I felt confident enough that I would indeed finish this quest and claim my server first title.

 Looking for quest mobs in The Emerald Jungle.

Eventually I made so much progress the quest was nearly complete. All I needed was an item from the Ruins of Old Paineel. The Thin Strands of Golden Silk. This is where the problem started. The item was not dropping. Upon searching the Everquest official forums, a developer confirmed my worst fear the item was not dropping at all. After nearly completing the quest I was stopped by a technical issue. All around me people were getting their server first titles but not me. The developer in question had said the item would drop the next day. Well the next day came and no item dropped. After asking about the item again the developer said that because it was Presidents' Day weekend the item would not drop until the following Tuesday. I was stunned! But I decided to carry on.

Camping the Ruins February 2017



After the weekend was over and I had spent multiple hours camping the item I needed to finish the quest, I was exhausted! Eventually, the item dropped and I as able to complete the quest and get my server title. In retrospect, it was the most fun I've had in Everquest in a long time.

I finally feel that I have earned my place in the preluclin world after starting so late.

The Kunark Archeologist title

Fcseven. (updated 5/10/17)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Everquest memories- The Great Vendor Disaster of 2006

Everquest Patch Notes (January 18, 2006):

This morning we had an error with the update that resulted in merchants, and subsequent items, in
the Plane of Knowledge that should not have been appearing in the world. In order to address this
we will be performing selective and aggressive rollbacks of certain characters throughout the day.
There will be multiple phases and some characters may be subject to multiple adjustments. If you
believe that you have been involved in any way (even indirectly) then please consider holding off
your playtime until tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are resolving this in the
most complete way possible while minimizing the impact on the majority of the customers.

The Great vendor disaster of 2006 (as I like to call it) dwells in my memory for a number of reasons. It's the first time I realized a million dollar company could make such a huge mistake. The first time I had seen so many people angry in the game. The first time the game world came to a standstill.

I was there that morning. I saw the vendors. I did not give into the temptation of getting items for free. I knew there would be rollbacks. At least I can say I was there.

Fcseven. (updated 5/10/17)

Everquest memories- Tears on the keyboard

This memory is one of the more personal I've ever shared.  I was debating even sharing it to be honest. But after lots of thought decided to go ahead and do it. I believe it's time those of us who have had multiple years even (nearing) decades invested in an mmo start telling real stories. The story of a paralyzed veterans wife playing EQ while taking care of him is as real as it gets.

Thinking about this memory creates many different emotions. The idea a wife would take care of her wounded husband after a terrible life changing injury was almost unimaginable at the time. Especially after just coming out of an unpleasant divorce a year or two prior. The strength shown is something that helped restored my faith in people.

Fcseven (updated 5/10/17)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Everquest Memories- The best cleric I've ever seen

It was the early 2000s. I was working my way through one of a countless Ldons. Little did I know I would witness a cleric with enough skill to influence my playing career for years to come. The full story here.

Everquest memories- Dueling over Fabled Jboots March 2004.

A highly congested camp. A very tired EQ player. A wizard with an attitude? That's what I had to deal with back in March 2004. Full story here.

After completing this video there is not too much more to add. Every year when Fabled Mobs come around I think about this memory. The incredible amount of time invested and only a couple years later the boots became almost obsolete overnight. Ugh.

The development team added a few new run speed AAs a year or two later and my fabled boots became a distant memory. This still stands out as my longest camp of all time. So many hours...

The Fabled Drelzna
Fcseven (updated 5/10/17)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Looking at Everquest epic quests from another class perspective.

It was late last year when I decided to take the leap into completing each classes epic 1.5. With a little luck and one free heroic character per account granted in March 2017 I am on my way! With a few down and many more to go wish me luck on this project.

I plan to document each step on my Everquest channel and write a blog to supplement it. Impossible?  Maybe. Will I try it? Of course.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Everquest memories- Everquest Shaman Epic 1.5 thoughts..

Recently I completed a quest that underscores just how amazing Everquest was in it's prime. A time before cash shops, heroic toons, and double experience every other month. Completing the Shaman epic 1.5 quest reminded me of when real recourses were put into the game. A time when it seemed like there was an incredibly bright future ahead.

a sun revenant during the Shaman 1.5 quest

All these years later the magic that made me so attached to the game is still there.  It is my hope to complete all of the classes epic quests before the day EQ is sunsetted.

I plan to document this continued quest in the months or years ahead on my blog and YouTube channel. Feel free to join.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Everquest Memories

When I started this blog back in 2010 I had no idea I would be blogging in 2017! I have a bunch of new ideas and decided to start over. The old blogs are now history and a new one starts now.

Stay tuned.