Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More EQ memories from Twitter. May 2018

"When did you start playing EverQuest? Share your earliest memories with us!" -Buying stuff in the caves of the commons. -A couple of weeks after launch. Boat from FP to BB sank due to a bug. Didn’t figure out how to use the keyboard to swim yet and drowned. I’d still like my cloth armor, club, and rat ears back.... -June 20th, 2000. I started out with an Iksar SK. I got lost, died and shut it off. 12k hours since! -November 99. Rolled a dwarf (pun intended) and since my friends were all in GFay, headed that way. Was awesome. Did the Orc Hill and Crushbone thing and fell in love with the game.

-Pre-Kunark. Running to the Gfay lift to get Black Alloy Chain Mail from my buddy who got me into the game. Got lost and was then chased by an Orc Pawn. 10/10 would die for Black Alloy Armor again
-Started in 2000, still playing. Started a bard and played almost 24/7  to level her so I could raid with my guild -Making multiple characters cause I would die and couldn't find my body. The good old times -April 13, 1999. And I still play that character as my main. :) -Buy game because friend recommended it. Spend hours patching the game on a 56k modem. Spend 3 hours deciding what race/class to go as. Make a wood elf ranger, finally it's time to log in! Take my first two steps and fell off of Kelethin and died. 10/10 would devote 5 more years. -Shortly after release in 99. Coming from Ultima Online, EQ blew me away. HE Cleric starting off in Felwithe. The spell effects in the night without a light source. Amazing. -2001.  I recall being so poor as a first level Dwarven fighter in Butcherblock that I had to fish for food. Then a surname player (we looked up to them) handed me 1,000 coppers and I felt like I had won the lottery. -started in 2000 and my first memory was someone "waving back" at me in the tutorial area.
"OMG that's a real player???!" it was an amazing, mind blowing experience. -Made a warrior named jahlomce! Me and a friend would cell phone chat while playing! Dungeons and farming spider silk. Good ole 56k dial-up days! I remember having to wait 10 mins just to connect to servers omegalul -I have my original disk and map.  I played so long ago I can’t remember. -Being blown away by Orc Alley in the Oasis. The summer of 1999. -May 9th, 2018 lol My pc started overheating recently so I can no longer play most modern games. Thought I'd give EQ a try and was immediately hooked! Bought a membership yesterday and am having a blast trying all the race/class combos -scars of velious! -I remember starting a barbarian shaman, I thought the frozen tundra was so beautiful back then. I still get nostalgia starting up again. -EqoA my friend gave me a 7day free play for the ps2 was the best thing ever and I never looked back! Bring some form of EqoA back please. -Started in May 1999. Spawned, walked up and attacked the Priest of Discord and got pwnt -My husband says his earliest memory was summoning the mana sceptor for noobies and when it would prock they would die. My earliest memory was running from Freeport to Qeynos starting at lvl 1 and being scared and getting lost and running from giants. -18 years ago -So many awesome memories -May of 2000. It was my 21st birthday, my wife and I had gone to the riverboat casino with her grandparents,  and we had gotten home at about 1 or 2am. I installed it, started playing,  Didn't stop until the sun was coming up the next morning. -One of my earliest memories was being able to do a non-buggy Rathe Council event in Planes of Power back in 2002 which allowed my guild to progress onward to the latter content the expansion provided. -Started in 2001, buddy gave me some equipment by kelethin and my inventory was full but I didnt know it so stuff dropped on ground and then I couldnt find it. So bummed out. -1999 day after release, as a High Elf Cleric went out running in Greater Faydark and found the city in the trees, Kelethin. I found the bank and then fell off, my first corpse run on my first day of playing. -Started in early 2000, little Gnecro in Steamfont. Still remember the first "high level" player I met, a HE Wizard named Jeepn killing the guards. He helped out all the newbies to compensate for our lack of safety! -I started on Tallon Zek. I was a level 12 enchanter trying to get to Lesser Faydark and a level 17 or 18 rogue (iirc) wouldn't let me go through Greater Faydark without him killing me. I survived for about 30 mins before he got me. A month later, I moved with a friend to Tunare. -Questing all night for the Stein of moggok(sp?) With a best friend in like 1999?? -1999. Mithanial Marr server. Was part of the guild Elven Kingdom. Crushbone used to be THEE place. -I started playing Kunark in 2000! I was a wood elf warrior in full bronze armor who on his first voyage on the boat between islands fell off the boat and preceded to quickly drown as my armor sank me to the bottom of the ocean. Good times!! (yes I was an idiot noob) -spent like 8 hours in kedge waiting for that seahorse to spawn for my buddy's druid epic.. good times, up all night gettin work DONE -April 1999 on the Bristlebane server. When j first started playing I thought every character (including NPCs) were real people. Ah the good old days. -