Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back to EQ

I know threads like this have been done before, but I was looking into coming back to EQ for the first time in like 13 years due to the Agnarr server, and it got me thinking about old EverQuest memories. Anyone want to share theirs? here are some of mine:
Not having any maps and there weren't any online resources for quite a bit (at least that i was aware of) so it made the world feel absolutely massive and real. I remember finding out about leveling locations and directions on how to get there via word of mouth from other players rather than being able to just google everything. I've just never felt such a sense of immersion from a game since then; sometimes I think it was because I was in my mid-teens when I first started playing, so I was younger, but older players say they experienced the same EQ really must have been that great.
Similar to the first one, running all the way from Qeynos to Crushbone because I heard it was a great place to level. Again, without maps and at such a low level, it was difficult and dangerous. Once I made it there I felt like I had accomplished some legendary feat.
Guiding on the A Ro server for awhile, helping people out (even sometimes when you weren't supposed to). part of what I loved about EQ was just exploring the world, probably why it took me so long to level. So as a Guide whenever the petition queue was slow I'd just roam all over Norrath just taking in the sheer size and scale of the world.
Hanging out in the EC tunnel (before Luclin ruined it) and just talking to people. I could spend hours just sitting in there socializing and not even trying to level.
Joining a raid against the FP guards on my human warrior because I felt like it was something a follower of Marr should do. As a result, being KoS in most of FP and having to have someone show me the secret route through the sewers. Felt like I was James Bond sneaking in there.
Begging for ports and/or SoW because back in the day it actually took a long time to travel somewhere even if you didn't die along the way. But it made the journey feel so much more valuable and impressive.
How every fight felt critical because if you died you were going to have to go on a naked CR and lose precious exp. And how there was no just running a certain distance until a mob stopped chasing you like there is in modern day MMOs. Back then you better hope you're not far from the zone or you were screwed.
Similarly, "TRAIN TO ZONE" shouts. Spectres and SGs being pulled to the docks in Oasis of Marr and everyone scattering. Grinding and having fun with groups on the Orc highway there too.
Being terrified at lower levels while trying to traverse Kithicor at night.
The chessboard in BB where I had a lot of fun times camping out.
And just generally all the infuriating things such as kill stealing, camp stealing, training, hell levels and slow grinding of exp, forgetting to bind near your new location and dying and respawning half a world away (lol) that all seemed so rage inducing at the time but now ironically just give me a sense of nostalgia.

PurpleDrank88 (From Reddit 6/2017)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Spellsheen Prism

One day back in 2005 while grouping in Muramite Proving Grounds our group had a zonewide random drop. Although there are multiple zonewides that can drop this one in particular fit my class well. It was the legendary Spellsheen Prism!

The hit points and mana were amazing compared to the item I was wearing and to top it all off what made this an extraordinary item was the +4 hp regen. To a Necro the +4 HP regen put it over the top.

Muramite Proving Grounds

This is were the story gets weird, zone wide randoms happen everyday and although rare, they are fairly (sort of) common in EQ. The group I was in had one other caster rolling against me and the scary thing is he expressed excitement at the prospect of looting this gem himself. This filled me with a sense of dread. Because even though I was only rolling against one person, I still had a 50% chance of not winning it. So, he rolled first and surprisingly, came out with a low number. I rolled myself and to my satisfaction won the roll!

In real life (as all of this was going on) there was a severe thunderstorm happening. As soon as I won the roll a flash of lightning crashed outside my window and the power as well as my computer went out. I could not believe it! After what seemed like forever the power finally came back on. My inner feelings of anger were echoed by the loud clashes of thunder outside. My cable internet finally flashed to life and I was able to go back online.

MPG mobs

By this time, multiple minutes had passed and I thought for sure the group would have let the other person loot my prism. I reconnected to the game and quickly looked around me. The group had all but disbanded but thankfully the mob that held my prism was still on the ground. I quickly targeted him and saw that there was 2-3 minutes left until rot.

The person who I rolled against was standing next to the mob. I quickly looted the item and he sent me a tell saying that he thought he would be a "nice guy" and wait for the last possible moment to loot it. He confessed really wanting the item for himself but holding back.

This was the closest I had ever come to both winning and losing an item.

Years later, and I'm talking 7-8 years later, I'm standing in the guild lobby when out of the blue a stranger sends me a tell. He asked me "Do you remember me?" I replied "No unfortunately I don't." He replies "I was the one who rolled against you for the prism in MPG 10 years ago." we both had a good laugh and he said he had never been so tempted to loot an item and log out. But he didn't.

An amazing EQ experience.

Fcseven (updated June 8 2017)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Everquest memories-Best memories

Best memories: Playing eq with my bros. Best experiences: the atmospeheres of the planes of power. Thats about when i quit. What brought me back: Everquest has a thereuputic element that relaxes me in my chaos real world lolz

Forcer Deathmagi (EQ forums)